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This happens to be a highly intellectual assault by the governor of Arizona on the  imbecile politicians and  bureaucrats that presently serve in the US administration, who have lambasted Arizona’s immigration law without having properly read it.
That goes for Obama and all the Democrats standing up and applauding the visiting president of Mexico while he chastised Arizona law, which pales in comparison to Mexico’s own draconian laws regarding legal and illegal immigration to the Mexican state.
The Tundra Tabloids stands behind conservative radio talk show host, Marc Levin’s call for the US to adopt Mexico’s law in full, place a HR100000 whatever number on it and pass it as US legislation into law. The nerve of the guy coming to the US, stand next to the Comic-In-Chief, and smear Arizonians while the CIC smiles on and does much of the same, then address Congress doing the same and get a freaking standing ovation from all the Dem representatives.
What an outrage!
The Tundra Tabloids can’t wait for November, the Dems are going to receive such a drubbing from the American people who are utterly disgusted with this socialist president and his radical pals in the Senate and in the Congress. Their number is up, and are going to get kicked out on their asses. Mark my words. KGS

NOTE: This could also be said of the champions of political mediocrity, the Europeans, who passed the Lisbon Treaty Constitution without ever having read it properly. When it comes to real political skulduggery and back room machinations, the EUocrats haven’t any equals. At least in the US there is a chance to throw many of their unpopular politicians out, but not here in la la land, whether it be in individual state parliaments or on the EU level, throwing the bums in is the preferred method.

Via: Breitbart

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