Ben-Dror Yemini Jewish refugees


We Jews from Arab lands were refugees as well,
what about us?

The Tundra Tabloids takes it a step further, the so called “Nakba”, the day of Israel’s being recognized as a nation, is actually the celebration of the genocide of the Jews. These Arabs could care less that Jews are targeted all around the world, because they are among those who accept their persecution as being normal and acceptable.
No, the Arab rejection of the birth of the state of Israel is an open act of Muslim Jew hatred or in other words, Islamic inspired anti-Semitism. They and their minions celebrate this disgusting “Nakba” day that has become an institutionalized day of hate in many US and European universities, but there is nothing ever mentioned about the Jewish refugees, you know, “those other refugees” totalling around a million expelled from Arab lands. Time for this mythical narrative to change. KGS

The Palestinians have been holding the title of “refugees” for over six decades w They have succeeded in creating a unique historical narrative for themselves w This myth is growing, so it should be shattered and the real facts presented: the Palestinian population before the first Aliya was sparse, hundreds of thousands of Jews were also expelled from Arab countries, and there is no precedent anywhere in the world for the right of return w
The Nakba the story of the Palestinian refugees – is the greatest success story in the history of modern times, a success that is a complete fraud. There is no other group of “refugees” in the world that has gotten such broad global coverage. Not a week goes by without a conference, another conference, about the wretched state of the Palestinians. There is not a campus in the West that does not devote countless events, conferences and publications, each year or each month to the issue of the Palestinian refugees. They have become the ultimate victims.
A million calamities and injustices and expulsions and population exchanges and acts of genocide and slaughter and wars have befallen the world since the Arabs, among them the Palestinians, declared a war of annihilation on Israel but the Nakba of the Palestinians takes up most of the space. A visitor from another planet would think that it was the greatest injustice suffered by the entire universe since the Second World War. So it is best to shatter this lie. It is best to present the real facts. It is best to expose the fraud.
The Jews came to the area of the Land of Israel, which was part of the Ottoman Empire, in many small waves, back before the First Aliya. Did they really expel millions of Arabs? Well, there is no debating the fact that in those years there were no “Palestinians” and there was no “Palestine” and there was no “Palestinian identity.” And, mainly, there was no real boundary between Arabs from Syria, Egypt or Jordan. There was a steady stream of people. In the years in which Muhammad Ali and his son conquered this region in 1831 1840, they sent many Arabs from Egypt to Gaza, Jaffa and other cities. The Jews who also arrived in Jaffa during those years helped to develop the city as well.
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