Donatien Chamchawala:
I dropped the ball
Oh, and by the way, his lawyer, Hussain Zahia, said that: ‘There’s no suggestion of any intention to deploy explosives and no evidence this was directed to anybody. ‘He was experimenting in an obsessional fashion.’ Well, you can draw your own conclusions, the man hated Christians and Jews, hated gays and anti-mass immigration and anti-Islamization parties, but no mention of hating the religion of perpetual outrage, Islam. KGS
Daily Mail: A bomb-maker was discovered when a schoolgirl looking for her ball accidentally stepped on a trip-wire in her neighbour’s garden, a court heard today. The terrified seven-year-old set off a series of detonators when she tried to get the ball from the house of ‘hate-filled’ Donatien Se Sabi Bestrualta Chamchawala.
Her parents called police who uncovered a weapons cache and explosives den in his home in a quiet street. Police said Chamchawala, 31, had a hatred of gays, Jews and – irrationally – black people, and they believed he could have targeted them for attacks.
Chamchawala, of Blackwood, Caerphilly, south Wales, was today detained indefinitely under the Mental Health Act after admitting making and possessing explosives. Nicholas Jones, prosecuting, said the defendant, 31, was born with the name Andrew Webbe but changed it in 2003.
He said he chose Donatien after the French author and aristocrat the Marquis de Sade, who shared that name. He added: “Bestrualta is an anagram of “ultrabeast” and Chamchawala is a character in Salman Rushdie’s The Satanic Verses.
“He said in interview he identified with the character, who was a recluse.”
Mr Jones said: ‘His neighbours had a family barbecue and a ball went over the wall into his house. ‘The girl’s father asked if it was alright if the children retrieved

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