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Abid Naseer: I highly recommend
the UK to all my jihadi peeps
When they start to place the welfare of the enemy over that of their own citizens, they can no longer be allowed to hold their seats of authority.  The ruling by this judge is a gross display of the cognizant dissonance that has effected many of our courts, law enforcement officials and politicians. Kick these bums out. KGS

Judge rules terror pair ARE a threat to national security… but they CAN’T be deported because of human rights

Two men who plotted to kill thousands of Britons in a terrorist atrocity cannot be deported because it would infringe their human rights, a court ruled yesterday.
Al Qaeda operative Abid Naseer and his accomplice Ahmad Faraz Khan were planning a ‘mass casualty attack’, probably against shoppers at the Arndale Centre in Manchester over the Easter holiday last year.
But judges said Naseer, 24, and 26-year-old Faraz Khan – who came to Britain as students – should not be sent back to Pakistan because of the risk they could be tortured.
The result is a major blow for Home Secretary Theresa May, who said she was ‘ disappointed’ with the ruling and pledged to take ‘all possible measures’ to stop the men from returning to terror.
That is likely to mean they are placed on control orders dictating where they can live and restricting their movements.
But critics said the judgment – the latest in a string of human rights victories for terrorists and terrorist sympathisers – was ‘outrageous’ and called for the men to be deported immediately.
The case exposed potential divisions in the coalition Government, with backbench Tory MPs urging the party to stick to its manifesto commitment to scrap the Human Rights Act, brought in by Labour, and replace it with a British Bill of Rights.
Neither pledge appears in the coalition agreement with the Lib Dems, who are ardent defenders of human rights, and last week Justice Secretary Ken Clarke suggested the move was not a high priority.
Tory MP Douglas Carswell attacked the court’s ruling as ‘shocking and outrageous’.
He said: ‘There can be no clearer illustration that human rights are not working in the national interest.
‘We need a British Bill of Rights that ensures that the state is not overbearing on individual freedoms and liberties but doesn’t stop us removing from the country people who are opposed to our way of life.’
Naseer and Faraz Khan were part of a group of 12 – 11 Pakistanis and a Briton – arrested in a police operation in the North West of England in April last year.

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