Ove Svidén: Oh rats, if I had only known that the Center Party would dump me for my anti-Semitism, I would have filed my candidacy through the Social Democrat Party instead, because they’re full of same minded people like me.
Oh, and by the way, Ove Svidén is president of the World Peace Foundation, so that would make him a natural selection for the SDP:ers. The fuzzy headed notion about Sweden leading the world to a new understanding on world peace, while promoting the demonetization of a fellow democracy, the world’s only Jewish state, is standard operating procedures for these socialists, so Ove Svidén would fit right in nicely.

NOTE: (sarcasm on) Rumors abound that SDP officials are racing to secure Svidén a seat on their ballot. (sarcasm off)

Center Party Gives Anti-Semite the Boot

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, May 15 (UPI) — The chairman of Sweden’s Center Party says the party will ditch a candidate whose Web site blames Jews for World War II and the 2001 terror attacks.
Ove Sviden, 73, a Center Party candidate for Parliament, also aired his beliefs on a news program on the public broadcaster SVT, the Swedish news agency TT reported.
“Who won the Second World War? The Jews! They got a state,” Sviden told SVT. “A little remnant of a people gets a country. It’s not a coincidence.”
On his Web site, Sviden said David Rockefeller and the Jews were behind the destruction of the World Trade Center in New York on Sept. 11, 2001.
TT described Sviden as a marginal candidate appearing low on the Center Party’s list of parliamentary candidates.
Per Ankersjo, the party’s Stockholm chairman, said he has examined Sviden’s Web site carefully since the news program ran and called it “extreme.” He said he would begin proceedings to take Sviden off the ballot and has halted the printing of ballot slips.
The Center Party is a junior member of the governing center-right coalition.

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