Islamic Attacks against Artists Lars Vilks


The religion of peace is out in full force trying to intimidate and threaten the Swedish artist into submission, but though he may have to find new lodgings, he isn’t bending to the Islamothugs that keep attacking him. Thanks to Reinhard for the tip. KGS

Exposed to fire bombs

The controversial artist Lars Vilks has again been subjected to threats. On Saturday morning it was discovered that someone threw fire bombs at his house.
NYHAMNSLÄGE. Attacks against Lars Vilks continues. At 10:30 o’clock on Saturday morning discovered that someone carried out an attack on his residence in Nyhamnsläge. At the house has a window shattered and bottles of liquids are thrown against the wall in two places. But the fire never made it. On the other hand shows a bit burnt grass on the nightly drama.
– I was not home at night. It has shattered my window and lit the curtains on the outside. However, there was never, “says Lars Vilks.
Exactly when the attack took place is not known. Just that it was sometime between 22 o’clock on Friday and Saturday at 10:30.
Police are headlining the whole thing as arson. This view of the earlier threat made against the artist.
– It is obviously that I can live with it now, “says Lars Vilks.
On Saturday there were SAPO and regular police on the spot. The house was sealed off and police conducted a crime scene investigation.
– We have made some discoveries. Among other things, bottles seized. The analysis must now show what they contain, “said Anders Jonsson, external command.
According to police has been set alight inside the artist’s house. But even the fire itself was extinguished.
– Everyone knows that Lars Vilks is in the news right now. But how we handle it here, we do not say.
After a couple of hours at his home on Saturday Lars Vilks set off to undisclosed locations. Exactly how he will do with its housing in the future, he knows not.
– I can not be here at night. It’s not so useful when people are running around and throwing fire bombs. I’m going away anyway.
At 13:30 the police lifted the fences around the houses. A neighbor came by in the bleak majregnet with his Alsatian. But she had not noticed that something happened during the night. Was also in place Toomas Mathiesen – familiar to Lars Vilks – who discovered it all.

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