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The Tundra Tabloids had publically stumped for the honorable Paul Weston in his bid to secure a seat in the British House of Parliament as a UKIP candidate. Here Paul weighs in on the recent election and David Cameron’s chance to prove his and of conservatism. The Tundra Tabloids received Paul’s permission to reprint this (originally a comment to an article at the Telegraph) at the TT. Thanks Paul. KGS
The media frenzy finally comes to a close in election 2010 Britain. We have a new Prime Minister. All hail David Cameron, for he has come to save us.
The only problem here is that Dave is not actually Prime Minister of a Sovereign nation; he is the newly elected Chief-Councillor of a European Region called London.
Nevertheless, Britain has many problems awaiting the firm hand of Cameronian Conservatism, none more so than the economy. What pressure can Dave and his new Chancellor George Osborne bring to bear here?
Not very much, would be the opinion of outgoing Chancellor Alistair Darling, whose final act was to pledge £9.6 billion toward propping up the Euro, just a couple of days after stating the following:
“What we will not do and what we can’t do is provide support for the euro… the responsibility for supporting the euro must be for the eurogroup members”.
Why the change of mind? Because the silly old Darling had not read the small print buried away on page two trillion and six of the Lisbon Treaty, explaining that in “exceptional occurrences” Britain must simply do as it is told by Brussels.
Whilst you and I may reasonably assume “exceptional occurrence” to mean outbreak of war, eruption of volcano or advent of earthquake, our real rulers in Europe take it to mean just another argument to disprove Einstein’s definition of insanity – doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results – which in this case consists of our Socialist rulers dishing out more money to their dependents than they receive from tax- payers, until their country is all too predictably declared bankrupt. Again
It would be nice to think it is only in matters of exceptional occurrence where Britain bows before Brussels, but unfortunately this is not the case either
The financial City of London, which is the only operation standing between Britain’s status as a rich country or a third world basket case, is already under legislative attack from the EU in a manner described by George Osborne as “immensely damaging, ill conceived and badly drafted.”
And if that is the case now, what of 2011, when the EU proposes to have taken control of the Financial Services Authority and The Bank of England, both earmarked as future non-independent agents of the EU authority whose governing body will be based in Frankfurt?
And the answer George is that you can do nothing. Just as Cameron is no longer a Prime Minister, so you are merely a European Regional Chief Accountant rather than Chancellor of a Sovereign nation.
As the slow motion EU coup d’état gathers pace, so the weaknesses of our fraudulent and charlatan leaders will be exposed. Immigration, Justice, law, health and the economy are already subservient to Brussels.
How many people are aware that the Queen has authorised the Ministers in charge of England’s nine European Regions? It will come as a surprise to many I am sure, particularly as the one referendum we had on the North East returned a resounding “no” vote.
The referendum of course centered around an elected Regional Assembly, and when the good people of the North East voted no, our immoral EU elites took them at their word, and foisted unelected regional assemblies in all but name on the country, run by relocated civil servants from Whitehall, who the Guardian disingenuously assures us are only moving out of London for economic reasons.
And so the European juggernaut rolls on, crushing all dissent before it as the soap-opera class sit slack jawed upon their draylon sofas, clad in petroleum based leisure wear as they worship the omnipresent, flickering neon tube whilst across the tracks the dinner party class shrill and tweet about that nice Nick Clegg’s smile, green issues, photo-shopped polar bears and the merits of proportional representative voting
They say people get the government they deserve, and as a new Iron Curtain slowly descends across Europe so we get what we deserve in the form of unelected ex-Maoist Jose Manuel Barroso, the real power in all of our lives, who is on the point of achieving what Charlemagne, Napoleon, Hitler and Stalin could only dream of.

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