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  1. I saw it to the end. The Muslims achieved exactly what they set out to do – to disrupt and end the film.

    They knew what it would be about and set out deliberately to disrupt and bring it to an end.

    Their tactics are always the same -they scream, they rant, they invoke the name of their beloved prophet (sic).

    They are impervious to reason and the free open exchange of information with a view to compromise and consensus.

    These people came to Sweden ostensibly to pursue a better life – didn't they?

    They bring their religion and all the baggage that goes with it to the detriment of Swedish society and culture.

    They whooped with delight when the convenor announced that the film / meeting would not continue.

    While the police managed to control them with some firm action at the time, they are probably hamstrung by their political masters.

    What was needed here was firm pre-emptive action to get the ring leader in his red t shirt and leather vest into the paddy wagon and into a police cell for a few days.

    So things are looking bleak in Upsalla and the rest of Sweden.

    When will they wake up? Are the people and politicians so spineless and contemptuous of their own culture and society?

    So it seems.

    Thanks for bringing the ugly reality to us so vividly.

    In retrospect we have to admit that we cannot deal with these people in a rational manner; they are impervious to reason and debate, and unfortunately the only thing they understand is force.

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