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Kudos to the the Mother and daughter! The Tundra Tabloids has been following the debate surrounding a Catholic girl and her parent’s refusal for her to go on a cultural enrichment trip to a mosque. The parents were well within their rights to refuse her participation in the field trip, from both a moral and ethical perspective.
For those of you who have been following these issues, the hijab, the female Muslim head scarf, is continuously in the news for one thing or another. Even in Muslim countries the scarf is a source of contention, “to wear, or not to wear, that is the question”. Why all the fuss you ask? It’s because the scarf is not just a religious covering, it’s also a political expression as well, very much like the male Kefiyyeh scarf which has now become synonymous with international terrorism and Islamofascism.
But the TT digresses. The heart of the issue here, concerns the forcible placing of a religious garment on the head of non-Muslim girl, not the modest clothing the students were told to wear. Yes, the parent exclaimed that she didn’t want her child to be dressing like a Muslim, and many in the comments to the article objected that interpretation, stating that she is “just being asked to express respect for the modesty that’s expected when visiting the mosque. But in fact, she, Michelle Davies, was very correct, or “spot on” as the Brits say.
Perhaps the demand for the wearing of pants doesn’t cross any red lines, but the donning of the headscarf most certainly does, for it crosses the line of simple respect, into active participation in observance of a religion. Paraphrasing Daniel Pipes, “it would be the same as if a non-Jewish male was expected to don a Jewish prayer shawl when entering a synagogue”.
The taking off of one’s shoes is more than enough expression of showing respect for the mosque, demanding that the girls wear head scarves crosses the line, big time. It would the same as if a Muslim school field trip to a Catholic church included the wearing of a cross, or dipping their fingers into holy water before they make the sign of the cross.
The wearing of respectful clothes is something most if not all faiths have in common (one of the rare exceptions), but the enforcing of religious adherence as a sign of one’s showing the “proper respect” is a major red line crossed. KGS
Dhimmis, who us? NOPE!
A Roman Catholic schoolgirl has been labelled a truant after she refused to wear a headscarf during a compulsory trip to a mosque.
Amy Owen, 14, and fellow girl pupils at a Catholic secondary school were told to cover their heads and wear trousers or leggings out of respect for their Muslim hosts.
But when her mother objected, saying she did not want her daughter to ‘dress as a Muslim’, she received a sternly worded warning letter from the headmaster saying she had no choice.

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