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Sweden Democrats call for sharper penalties for new Islamic attack against Vilks

May 11, 2010 22:16 EDT
Today, Tuesday 11 May, the artist Lars Vilks visiting in Uppsala to give a lecture on freedom of speech at Uppsala University. The lecture started quietly but got pretty promptly interrupted when Lars Vilks would show a film about the various artists who have been silenced. What were the major feature of the attacker and several tried to abuse him further while “Allahu Akbar” was chanted. The situation became untenable for the police who could not hold back the attackers. A police officer himself was beaten up.
Sweden Democrats condemn this attack on Swedish democracy and freedom and are now demanding that the government act to the judicial system more effective is to trap extremist groups that attack free speech and democracy in the country.
The party leader Jimmie Åkesson comments:
– Today’s attack on Lars Vilks is yet another symptom of how radical Muslims moved up positions in Sweden. For us, the Sweden Democrats, it is unacceptable that immigrant extremist groups is to silence the critics and artists. We must be in the stream before the problem grows even larger. Since the current legislation and the application of this, obviously not enough so we demand that the government is acting to those who are trying to silence others through violence and threats are to be sentenced to prison for TREASON / violations of civil liberty. Non-Swedish citizens who are committing TREASON be expelled from the country without exception.
– Also in 2007, we saw demonstrations in Uppsala, where Muslim groups called for far-reaching restrictions of the Swedish constitution to prevent criticism of Islam. But in Sweden we have the right to be critical of religions, and that is something we must protect. What happened today may simply not happen. For us, the Sweden Democrats, it is extremely important to stop the Islamisation of the Swedish society and to safeguard democracy and freedom of expression. In our Sweden Lars Vilks is welcome to lecture whenever he wants, says Jimmie Åkesson.
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