David Horowitz Islam and the Nazis Islamonazis Muslim Student Association


This is chilling, this is real and shows just what the Islamonazis really stand for, the mass extermination of the Jews. Don’t be fooled folks, when they shout death to Israel, they’re really expressing support for Mohamed’s call for the hunting down of all the Jews and murdering them. This is why the death cult called Islam is a danger to humanity, and why the hard core Leftisits, their enablers, are as dangerous as well.
Take note of David Horowitz’s mention of the Nazi scarf the woman is wearing around her neck. If anyone, and I mean anyone, says that it’s only a national symbol, is either lying through their teeth or greatly ignorant. The only way that woman could wear the male Arab symbol that has now become the symbol of international terrorism and Jew hatred, like the Swastika, is with permission from a male Arab Muslim.
If she were wearing it without permission she would have got into serious trouble, it can only be worn as political symbol by a woman in a rally or protest. That is why it can no longer be looked at as just a national symbol, it’s become much more than that by the Muslims who wear it, and so be it, it’s the Swastika of the present day. That describes their mindset better than anything I could say or describe. KGS

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