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This is the screenshot of the Helsinki City Pool website page

This is wrong on so many levels. At the minimum, it should be billed as female swimming classes, but as a rule, anything even remotely resembling gender apartheid should be avoided  at all costs. Islamic teachings provide the youth with a warped view and understanding of the sexes from an early age. This actually goes against discrimination laws already on the books in Finland, the TT is waiting to see if any of the humanist groups and civil liberty organizations take up the challenge of defending individual rights for all Finnish citizens and residents. KGS
Thanks to Jere Keronen and Kumitonttu for the H/T

UPDATE: The TT just called the pool about these identity driven politics, and he said that they won’t be offering such a plan in the Fall, but why not stop it now? If it’s illegal, the courses should be stopped fully and it offered to everyone.

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  1. Welcome to the “club”.. it’s spreading like wildfire everywhere.

  2. Doesn't it amaze you how liberals bend over backwards to forfeit their culture to the Muslims?

  3. Thanks you two for your comments, yes this is a major gross injustice and slippage to dhimmitude.

    The guy who I talked with appeared to have been answering a lot of phone calls over this. The plane to end the practice of calling it a Muslim only course after this, but they should have ended it straight away.

    I don't have a legal team behind me and have other things to do, but creating awareness about this is all I can do.

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