Lars Vilks: I’m on the cutting edge in
keeping the prophet up with the times!

Kurt Westergaard’s picture of Bomb Mohamed sold like hot cakes, so it’s very likely that the drawing of Dog Mohamed by the ax wielding Lars Vilks will most certainly be sold out soon as well. So get your copy now. KGS Via: Europenews:

Get your copy of Lars Vilks’ world famous picture of Muhammad in the traffic circle – and support free speech. The revelation of Jihad-Jane’s assassination plot against the Swedish artist Lars Vilks leaves no doubt that his life is threatened. And for what? For having drawn a picture!
The picture that made the lunatics go berserk. Now you can own it.

Here is the real state of law and order throughout the West: If you write, say or draw anything the Islamic fanatics don’t like, they’ll come and kill you.
The list of writers, artists, publishers, gallery owners and others that are being openly threatened with murder is long and getting longer by the day.
Deplorably, free spirits often lack the support of their professional colleagues and the mainstream media when they are being targeted
This was the case when a madman with an axe tried to kill Kurt Westergaard. Now we see a repetition with Lars Vilks.
The Free Press Society will do its utmost to defend anyone that is persecuted and tormented for exersising his or her right of free speech. That is why we have decided to print 1000 copies of Lars Vilks’ historic picture of the dog in the traffic circle and put them up for sale.
This is a limited edition. The print run of 1000 will not be exceeded.

Vilks’ drawing is printed on high-quality and non-perishable paper. Each copy is individually numbered and signed by the artist.

Note: The Tundra Tabloids exclusive interview of Lars Vilks can be found here.

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