This is the reason why every rational minded person should reject statism. The mere idea of political bureaucrats deciding on what the average citizen should or shouldn’t digest, should outrage the individual. These politicians would like for nothing better than to tell you when you can sleep, what to eat and when to crap. What is the limit of government?
The next time you meet your representative, whether it be in the US, Australia, Canada or Europe, ask him or her what is the limit of government intrusion? Is there a limit and are they daring enough to mention it out loud. Get it on tape and blog it, Facebook it, spread it around, take matters into your own hands.
It’s only because Western society, especially in Europe, (but it’s happening in the US as well) has decisively thrown its lot in with the statists, those who view that government, not the individual, is the answer to all our problems. So that’s why state controlled health care was rammed through in most, if not all of the European states, because it effects ever other aspect of life for the formerly “free individual”.
Take a look at Finland’s alcohol policies. The state keeps a tight lid on when a person can buy alcohol, (in state run outlets, beer can be sold elsewhere) and how much more tax they’re going to levy on it, based not on supply and demand, but because of an increase in alcoholism. If health care issues were left up to the individual, the state couldn’t use the argument that abusive lifestyles run up costs to the state, the person is allowed to run his or her life according to their own free will and pay the consequences for bad lifestyle choices.
The government statist bureaucrats, and their faithful drones in the private sector will always use these issues as a means to take away yet more private decisions from the individual for the supposed benefit of the state, but where will it stop? Here’s a clue, for the statist, government control is a never ending project, it’s forever in motion, there isn’t any aspect to our private lives that they aren’t interested in overseeing.
So take a look at the “fat tax” the British government is interested in levying against the people of Britain, because obesity is a “state issue”, not a private one. This is only the beginning folks, they won’t be satisfied until ever aspect of your life can be manipulated and regulated. The only way to fight back is to engage yourself into politics, supporting those who promote a more limited style of government. Otherwise, the freedoms that you take for granted now, will soon become distant memories later on. KGS
NOTE: Last year the British government approved the “fat tax” on chocolate.

Junk food and sugary drinks could be hit with ‘fat taxes’ in an effort to combat obesity and help fill the black hole in Government finances.
The Food Standards Agency is planning to consult on whether such taxes would help make people eat healthier food.
If imposed, the taxes would operate on the same principle as those on tobacco and drink to change behaviour and raise money.
The most likely option would be to apply the so- called fat tax to processed foods, snacks and sugary drinks.
However, under one scenario, 17.5 per cent VAT might even be applied to full fat milk, butter and cheese to encourage a switch to products with less saturated fat.
Food is currently exempt from VAT.
The food watchdog believes the nation is overdosing on saturated fat, which is linked to clogged arteries, heart disease and premature death.
But the fat tax idea has angered food manufacturers who claim the public would rebel against what would be seen as a ‘Nanny State’ move.
Julian Hunt, of the Food & Drink Federation, said: ‘It may be a perfectly sensible issue to debate, but such a regressive taxation policy would do nothing more than create lighter wallets for consumers.’
He said better results could be achieved by food manufacturers making voluntary improvements to their recipes and products.
There is some research claiming that the changes to eating habits caused by a fat tax could prevent as many as 3,000 deaths a year. Last year, the British Medical Association only narrowly voted against supporting a fat tax on chocolate.

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