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Sweden’s anti-Semitic chef,
Ilmar Reepalu

Just a little pinch of me should do it

The man is a complete ignoramus as well as a lying anti-Israel hate-monger. He lies to the leaders of the Jewish community in Malmö that he hadn’t any knowledge of the rise of anti-Semitism in his city, as well taking every opportunity to bash Israel that has given rise to the anti-Semitism that he says he’s now trying to combat.
The Sweden Democrat’s press officer, Mattias Karlsson proved him to be a lying rat that he is, when he stated that he “had hitherto been insufficiently informed about the vulnerable situation faced by Jews in Malmö”. Now the mayor marches through town on the high holy day of international socialist communism to sling yet more arrows at Israel, using the most ridiculous claims and outright lies.

Malmö’s Hate Mongering Mayor Marches against Israel

May Day – the first of May – is Labour Day in many countries, on which demonstrations by the workers take place in order to get better working conditions. In Sweden this is traditionally done under the auspices of the Social Democrats. This year in Malmö the city’s mayor Ilmar Reepalu decided to demonstrate on May 1 against “the occupation of Palestine”. Under a large text which read: “Stop the occupation of Palestine” one can see a smiling Reepalu who commented in an interview with daily newspaper Expressen:
-”No land should occupy another land. The Soviet Union occupied the Baltic states during several decades. Israel has occupied land for 43 years now. I think its wrong, so does Barack Obama and many other people in the world as well.” In this way Reepalu is making yet another contribution to the already tense situation in Malmö.
Reepalu’s statement is also another problematic one for many reasons. The Palestinian territories on the West Bank of the Jordan river are ”disputed” and not ”occupied” land. Israel conquered it in 1967 after it had been attacked by the Jordanians. These ruled on the West Bank without international recognition.

Read the rest at Sweden, Israel and the Jews blog.

Marching under banners of hate:

 A smiling Swedish mayor Reepalu
A smiling Norwegian Finance Minister Kirstin Halvorsen
These Nordic “philosemitic” anti-Semite politicians can’t get enough of their Israel bashing. KGS

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  1. OK then.

    No land should occupy another land?

    Is that what you are saying, mug?

    Then go and tell Putin to hand back Karelia – stolen from Finland in 1942.

    Oh . . that's not quite what you meant? I'm sorry. I must have misunderstood you. I don't know how as I think I'm a pretty smart guy.

    So then what did you actually mean?

    Please let me know.

  2. Hi Raymond, these politicians need to be treated as mental patients that need to be ecorted back to their safe rooms.


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