Law enforcement passed up
a golden opportunity

What’s with that? Why has May 1st, the day Socialists around the world celebrate the proletariat, has now become a day of protest and celebration in the US? Why aren’t Americans screaming at the top of their lungs over the invasion of not only illegals flooding their land, but the imposition of a totally alien day of celebration that’s tradtionally marked with protests.
Contrary to the US, Canadian and Bermudan celebration of Labour Day on the first Monday of September, May Day around the world is first and foremost a day of protest, not a celebration of the people who labour to make any nation great, which includes both blue and white collar workers. No, May Day is a chance to march around the streets with red flags and demand “equality” and more socialism.
The Tundra Tabloids  has seen Finnish May Day parades for over 23 years, they are always followed by a host of speeches demanding this, complaining about that, and never satisfied with anything they have, yes even jobs, and the smart people who invent things that allows industry to flourish and people to earn a living.
No, they’re a bunch of complaining whiners who believe that everything is a right, as well as 45+ days out of the year as paid vacations as well as shorter work days. Utopians without a thought or care about how future generations are going to have to pay for all the largess they’re demanding in the present.
Just take a look at Greece, where decades of socialism has corrupted the people in both public and private sectors, with a bureaucracy so over bloated and people selfishly fighting for the right for the rest of Europe to pay for their corruption and laziness.
If I were living in the US, I would be asking, writing op-eds and speaking with friends and family about why MAY 1ST has now become a day of protest in the US, and who are the people promoting it? That’s what I would be asking, and those of us in the blogosphere should be talking about it as well. KGS

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