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Saudi Noose: In Saudi Arabia,
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Not only will the ban keep them from being raped, the Saudi people will be spared from any earthquakes that would result from their dreaded shaking bosoms. KGS

Haia imposes ban on women jogging in Asir town

The Haia’s branch in Al-Mujaradah attempted to justify its decision by claiming it was doing the women a favor.

“The Haia did not exactly ban women from physical exercise, it only intervened to guarantee their safety from criminals who frequently harass them as they walk in lonely places,” said Haia spokesman for Asir province Bandar Al-Mufreh.

A Haia member, who chose to remain anonymous as he was not authorized to speak on the record, said records from the commission described one particular street in the town where women were banned as lonely, poorly lighted, and frequented by drug addicts and other anti-social people.

This was disputed by fitness enthusiast R.S Al-Shahri, who claimed that the street was safe and well-lit, while almost 30 women would walk there between sunset and Isha prayers. “But the Haia members banned us from walking on the street when there was nothing to fear,” she said.

She claimed that when she called Al-Mujaradah’s Haia chief Muhammad Al-Shahri for an explanation, he told her that the place was unsafe for women.


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