Israeli/Palestinian Conflict


Israeli PM Netanyahu:
We’ve always been ready for the Arabs to end their dirty 
terrorist war, so we’ll go through the motions until they do
The moment the Arabs lay down their weapons and end the war, there’s nothing left but the finalizing of the details between the two sides, with a bit of give and take and a signing of a lasting agreement. That’s what Israel has been pushing for ever since they formed themselves into a political body and then became a state.
The Arabs don’t want that, they have used every means at their dispossal to torpedo every chance for peace with the Jewish state, through open war and then through a dirty terrorist proxy war accompanied with a vigorous propaganda campaign to deligitimize Israel on the international stage.
Seeing that anti-Semitism is a common thread that binds many of these nations together, (they may hate each other but they hate the Jews even more) such a campaign has therefor been met with great success, all the while denying that anti-Semitism has nothing to do with their over-the-top characterization of Israelis and their vilification of the Jewish state.
So Israel will now go throught the motions and pay lip service to the Obama administration, knowing full well that all sides know how weak the PNA is, how powerful the Hamas is, and the unwillingness of the Arabs, and especially their patrons, the Iranians and the Syrians to give up on their war against the Jews. KGS


TEL AVIV – After months of intense diplomatic efforts, today, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton finally announced that indirect peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian National Authority, the so-called ‘proximity talks’, will begin next week. Barak Obama’s special envoy to the region, George Mitchell will return to the Middle East to open the talks.
In recent days, both Israeli Premier Benyamin Netanyahu and PNA President Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) had issued statements marked by cautious optimism. The former assured that he was interested in starting negotiations ”even immediately”; the latter then granted a long interview to Israel TV with conciliatory tones. ”Give us a chance” he suggested. Growing optimism arrived also from the resounding success achieved yesterday by Netanyahu in a bitter confrontation in his Likud Party with the radical right-wing faction.

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