Anti-Israel Protests UK


Talya Lador-Fresher: “If not for security,
I would have been beaten up”

That’s the spirit of the anti-Israel mob, given a chance they would have Jewish blood flowing in the streets, and that’s just the “peace activists”, just think what the others are capable of doing. KGS

Israeli diplomat nearly attacked in UK

Pro-Palestinian protesters have tried to attack the Israel’s deputy ambassador to Britain.
Protesters lunged at Talya Lador-Fresher following her lecture Wednesday at the University of Manchester. The envoy, who was not hurt, told Britain’s Jewish Chronicle that she feared she would be physically assaulted by the protesters.
Lador-Fresher was removed from the area by a security vehicle, which she entered from the back entrance of the lecture hall. The demonstrators attacked the car, some holding Palestinian flags up to the windows and others climbing on the hood and trying to smash the windshield, according to reports.
“I don’t think they wanted to kill me, but I genuinely believed they wanted to physically hurt me,” she said. “If I had not had the police and security team, I would have been beaten up.”

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