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Warren Buffet: “In Omaha I’m known as
the ‘Alwaleed of America’
For them it’s prestige and all a big joke. How much money has crossed his ignorant hands that went into the supporting the jihad, as well as his financial wisdom used to undermine the West? Western financial gurus should be shunning the Arab ME, not rubbing elbows with it. But then again, crony capitalism (a warped version that works against free market principals) was doing heavy business with Germany up until the US declared war on it. KGS
Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal – the Saudi prince best known as Citigroup’s largest private shareholder – has corresponded with Warren Buffett in secret for the past 11 years in search of investment advice.
In one of the letters, the Saudi prince, one of the world’s richest men with a fortune estimated by Forbes last month to be $19.4bn (£12.6bn) told the “Sage of Omaha” he would be “pleased to consider participating in any of you future investments that you may deem pertinent.”
The intriguing exchange, revealed in the latest edition of Bloomberg Markets magazine, began after the pair met in 1999, at the Plaza Hotel in New York, in which Alwaleed owned a 42pc stake.

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