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There’s no difference in Sweden’s foreign policy vis-a-vis the Jewish state of Israel, whether it’s the Left-of-Left or the Right-of-Center, they have all sold their souls to Palestinianism, save the Swedish Democrats, Swedish Liberals and the Christian Democrats. Read the who sordid tale here and continue reading at the Sweden, Israel and the Jews blog. KGS

Minister of Aid Gunnilla Carlsson finances the demonization of Israel

Sweden’s Minister for International Development Cooperation, Gunilla Carlsson (Moderate), is responsible for monitoring and distributing a portion of the Swedish taxpayer’s money as aid for the needy abroad. A notable share of this aid goes to a variety of Palestinian organizations, many of which are counter-productive and unethical, something that the Minister seems to ignore. Sweden is, in fact, today the world’s third largest contributor of aid to Gaza and the West Bank and continues to unconditionally send aid to Palestinian organizations which live to demonize and terrorize Israel.
Recently, as reported in the blog Fred I Mellanöstern (Swedish),
Carlsson has written several debate articles concerning her “Swedish aid reform” program. The latest one of these can be found here. The gist of her articles is that her reforms will incorporate; “a modernization of aid in order to strengthen democratic structures of societies, peace and human rights, including women’s.
Yet, in not one of her articles does she mention reforming Sweden’s unconditional aid to the Palestinians.
In this year alone, Sweden will contribute to some 800 million Swedish kronor ($111.5 million USD) that will be transferred from the Swedish taxpayers to Gaza and the West Bank. Much of this aid will be distributed through the SIDA organization, a Swedish organization for international development. SIDA gives more aid to the Palestinians than they do to much needier countries such as D.R. Congo, Sudan/Darfur and Uganda.
As the blog Fred I Mellanöstern reports; Many governments around the world have decided to give much less aid than Sweden to the Palestinians, especially in the face of the Hamas coup in Gaza, the rocket war against Israel, the corruption and graft in the Palestinian Authority and UNRWA, as well as the Palestinians’ refusal to negotiate for peace. Sweden, on the other hand, has decided to keep aiding the Palestinians even though the consequences are counter-productive. It is crucial that Sweden acknowledges its responsibility when giving unconditional aid to the Palestinians.


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