Perhaps the international spotlight directed in NRK’s way has caused them to discover the MEMRI organization which finds, translates and then catalogues all the more offensive and ludicrous anti-Semitic and anti-Israel (they usually dovetail) statements made in the Arab/Muslim world. It’s an incredible news source that up until now, NRK (and many within the Finnish media) have failed to use.
This story comes by way of the excellent Norway, Israel and the Jews blog, and gets full credit for bringing it to the light of day, NIJ is the one asking the question as to why NRK, -now infamously known for its collusion with known anti-Israel baiters and serial liars and dishonest journalists like, Sidsel Wold– hadn’t found the MEMRI org until now. Kudos to NIJ.
The issue of Islamic inspired anti-Semitism is an old issue for those of us who follow these things, but for the MSM, especially here in Scandinavia, this is a taboo area because it places their pet projects, The Muslim/Arab world and their conflict with Israel in too much of a negative light. KGS

Norwegian authorities will assess the ability to block Egyptian television channel that spreads Jew-hatred.

An Egyptian TV channel transmitted via satellite in Europe, is now blocked by the French authorities. The reason is that they believe the channel spread Jew-hatred.
Now considers the Norwegian authorities, it is possible to close the channel here in the country.

The decision of the French media audit is based on a broadcast from the TV channel 31 October 2009, the broadcaster said the following:
‘Your time has come, thy seed from monkeys and pigs, the most accursed of creatures created by Allah .. I have a message for every Jew on earth. Muhammad’s army will come back. Oh, like the offspring of apes and pigs, the day of vengeance is approaching. “

– In my opinion, this is Jew-hatred. (TT: anti-Semitism) I would ask the media audit examine whether signals from this channel is distributed in Norway, “says media Anniken Huitfeldt.
There must be a verdict before the Norwegian government takes the step to close access to the channel.
Jew-hatred in Norway

NRK had in the last month more reportage where Jew-hatred among Norwegian Muslims was the theme.
This has also been a growing problem in Sweden, where several Jews have moved because of the Jewish vilification.

Teachers in Norway have been told about the Jew-hatred among students , and Jewish parents have experienced harassment from students of Muslim background.

Several teachers NRK talked to said they thought students of Muslim background had some of these attitudes through television stations that may be received on satellite in Norway.

But, the leader of the world’s largest Islamic organization denies that such a thing is possible!

OIC Sec-Gen Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu:


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