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Tuula Sakaranaho: I’m the ROP’s
Dhimwit of the Month!
Thanks to the Religion Of Peace for picking up this story and making this loon its Dhimwit of the Month of April. We’ve got plenty more were she came from, the Finnish academy’s cup runneth over with them, from international law “experts” to professors of Islamic poetry. KGS
TROP: We’re beginning to get the impression that Finnish research isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be. Not only can we not name too many… um, prominent Finnish researchers, but the only one making a name for herself these days seems to be very bad at both math and research.
Tuula Sakaranaho is an academic who has attempted to compare abortion clinic violence with Islamic terrorism (in the hope that Islam and Christianity will be thought of as either equally bad or equally good). Her conclusion is that since Christians have killed over abortion without anyone making assumptions about their religion, the same latitude should be extended to Islam and terror:

“If someone in America bombs an abortion clinic or kills abortion doctors, no one will ask us how can you Christians you do something like that,” states Sakaranaho. “You can’t blame me for what another person does. But that’s the way the idea works, that every Muslim is responsible for what every other Muslim does in the world”. (>Tundra Tabloids)

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  1. From the link: in the 37 years since Roe V. Wade, there have been 8 persons murdered by anti-abortionists . This isn't even comparable to the number of folks struck by lightning or killed in their own bathtubs each year. It's more like the number of people struck by lightening while sitting in their bathtub watching Gigli.

    By contrast, has documented over 83,000 persons murdered by Islamic terrorists in just the last 8.5 years. In other words, more than three times as many people are killed in the name of Allah each day than have been killed in the cause of stopping abortion in the last four decades.

    To be fair, one must also consider the number of babies that have been killed (aborted) in the same time period. Million, ten million?

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