anti-Burka Belgium


Well, they (burka bag supporters) may have managed to escape this time around, but the issue isn’t going away. The Tundra TAbloids is all for the ban, not only is it a symbol of oppression, it’s a security risk as well. KGS


Belgium vote to ban burka is scuppered at last minute as government collapses

A law making Belgium Europe’s first country to ban the burka was scuppered at the last moment yesterday after the collapse of the coalition government.
MPs were hours from voting on proposals to outlaw full face veils when parliament was thrown into disarray with the resignation of prime minister Yves Leterme after only five months in office.
He pulled his Open VLD party out of the five-party coalition in a dispute over electoral boundaries.
Leterme, 49, called an emergency meeting of his cabinet early today afternoon to inform ministers that his second term in office was at an end, and left for the royal palace to tender his government’s resignation to King Albert.

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  1. Cool pic! Reminds me of the movie Silence of the lambs…

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