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Salam Fayyad: Looks like the Kosovo trick worked
worked for the Abanians, so will try the same here

Ok, so Fayyad wants to pull a Kosovo on the international community, and then see what the Obama administration will do about it. So you can understand his (Fayyad’s) words to mean that the Arabs are going to stick their policy of intransigence, feign to negotiate while never offering a scintilla of compromise while demanding that Israel has to release convicted criminals and take down roadblocks etc. etc.. and then unilaterally declare a “Palestinian state”.
Such a “state” would bring more troubles with it then would solve, since the Arabs have no interest in building a state that’s based on respect for human rights, on national unity instead of tribal politics and then there’s the Hamas, which would never recognize the Fattah run “Palestinian state”. Salam Fayyad is daring a fait accompli with his move to establish yet another Palestinian state, (the first one is in Jordan) but the man won’t survive the first attempt by other groups not under his control that will commandeer any such state from his grip.
What passes for peaceful in the Palestinian Authority administered areas, is just a time bomb ticking waiting to go off, now Fayyad have given other comepeting Arab groups something to aim for. If you think the takeover of Gaza by Hamas was brutal, just wait until you see Fayyad declare a Palestinian state, then the gloves will come off and the real shooting and mayhem begins. You haven’t seen nothing yet. KGS

(ANSAmed) – JERUSALEM, APRIL 21 – Palestinian Premier Salam Fayyad has said that preparations are under way to proclaim the constitution of a Palestinian State in the West Bank in summer 2011, even if negotiations with Israel should fail.
In an interview today in Y-Net, the on-line edition of Israeli daily Yedioth Ahronoth, Fayyad said that his Government is committed to developing infrastructures for the future state. “I hope”, he said,” that the successes we achieve by summer 2011 will give us the lever to end the (Israeli) occupation”, also due to ample support provided by the international community”.
“We”, he continued, “do not reject the negotiated way to set up our State, but should this not meet with success we must prepare an alternative to translate our dreams into reality”. In his opinion Israel will benefit from “peace and security” by the constitution of a Palestinian State.


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