The Tundra Tabloids has long admired the pro-Israel activism of Alan Dershowitz, but not his choice in politics, that being, the dough-headed socialism that the Democrats have come to symbolize ever since the late president, Woodrow Wilson, began promoting the Fascist-Socialist ideology.
It’s all gone downhill ever since, which is saying a lot, when one takes into consideration that at its founding, the Democratic party stood for slavery, its members founded the KKK, and its party leaders still to this day insist on promoting socialist policies that keep black African Americans permanently on the list of the “have nots”, through huge government funded programs that are designed to keep many them dependent upon “big daddy government largesse”.
The Democrats, along with few dim-witted Republican RINOS, have created the beginnings of class struggle in a traditionaly classless US society, in order to divide and rule according to Marxist theory. Why Mr.Alan Dershowitz chooses to stay within that party is for him to tell, but it looks like the dear Harvard law professor has begun to see the light about Barack Obama. Hopefully the gangster-like politics of the current regime will send even more negative signals to not only Dershowitz, but to the rest of the party faithfull, because this is not just a fleeting moment in that party’s history.
The Democratic party has always had something Wrong with it from its very beginning, and while some would argue that there are troubling aspects within the GOP as well, they pale however in comparison, because the grass roots of the Republican party have always been more constitutional minded, which means consistently demanding smaller government and their fierce defense of individual rights. 
That same philosophical outlook extends to protecting the US’s fellow democratic allies across the globe, which naturally includes the good friend and alley of the US, Israel. That is why presently the US’s allies, which once looked with hope towards an Obama administration, now distrust it, and why America’s enemies do not fear it. How much longer will noble minds like that of Alan Dershowitz continue to hold on to their Democrat party credentials in the face of such overwhelming evidence? KGS

The Non-Policy on Iran

The Obama Administration is sending conflicting and confusing messages both to Iran and to those who fear an Iranian nuclear weapon. According to The New York Times, defense secretary Robert M. Gates sent a top secret memorandum to White House officials bemoaning the fact that the United States simply has no policy in place to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons. At the same time, it is telling Israel that although Iran has threatened to wipe it off the map, the Jewish state should not take military action to prevent a second Holocaust. Indeed former national security advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski, who has participated in White House discussions concerning the Middle East, has threatened that if Israel tries to destroy Iran’s nuclear weapon facilities, the United States is fully capable of shooting Israeli jets out of the air.
Although Gates subsequently denied that his memo, which he acknowledges writing, was intended as a “wake up call”, a senior White House official has confirmed that it was just that. There is no evidence, however, that the White House is prepared to confront the grave threat posed by a nuclear Iran. The policy that seems to be emerging from the White House is one called “containment.” But what is containment? It is little more than an acknowledgment of failure. Containment implies that the United States will not succeed in preventing Iran from securing nuclear weapons, but rather it will accept such an eventuality and seek to deter the use of nuclear weapons by threats and by the deployment of defensive measures. The analogy that proponents of containment point to is North Korea, which has nuclear weapons but has thus far been “contained” from using them. But there are vast differences between North Korea and Iran.
North Korea is a secular Communist regime that is risk averse and that has no sworn existential enemies. The goal of its leaders is simply to remain in power and maintain their totalitarian control over their people. Iran is a theocratic, apocalyptic regime that believes that it has a religious obligation to destroy Israel and threaten the United States. Iran, unlike North Korea, also operates through surrogates, such as Hezbollah, Hamas and other smaller terrorist groups. They could hand-off nuclear material to such groups, or to sympathetic individuals, for use as dirty bombs directed against its enemies.
When he ran for president, Barak Obama pledged not to allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons. He claimed to understand that a nuclear Iran would be a game changer and a direct threat to the United States and its allies. He now seems to be softening his position and that of the United States government.
If in fact the United States is prepared to accept a nuclear Iran, then it has no right to require Israel to accept the risks posed by a nuclear armed country that has overtly threatened its destruction. Every country in the world has the inherent right to protect its citizens from a nuclear attack. Israel, a nation that Obama has himself acknowledged was built on the ashes of one Holocaust, certainly has the right to take military action to prevent a second Holocaust, especially at the hands of a country that has explicitly threatened to wipe it off the map.

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