A recent poll conducted by Economic Research Ltd at the behest of the Finnish Homma Association, an online community that discusses immigration related politics and policies, found that “three out of five Finns say immigration policies are too lax. As many as nine out of ten believe that aliens convicted of crimes should be deported from Finland more easily.”

The report sent shock waves throughout the Finland, it found that

Almost half of all respondents would make it more difficult to receive asylum for family members, asylum seekers and quota refugees entering the country. At least three of four were of the same opinion that asylum seekers and refugees should adapt better to the ways of Finns, and that they have far too good social benefits. “People felt that such research has not yet been made and that there would be a need,” says the association’s chairman Matias Turkkila. Homma Forum has often accused large media-communication corporations of downplaying the negative consequences of immigration policy.

The Homma Forum Community website published the following graphs from the study:
“Homma Association has commissioned in March 2010 during the survey of Finnish attitudes to immigration issues. Survey was conducted by Taloustutkimus Oy Internet panel. The survey involved 905 respondents, the interviews were conducted from 22 to 24.3.2010.”

Of all respondents, 59% deem Finnish immigration policy, either slightly (39%) or very (20%) too lax. It is suitable for 27% of the respondents. A total of 14% as a policy, either slightly (11%) or completely (3%) too strict.

The Dagens Nyheter, staying true to form, refers to the Hommaforum community as “xenophobic” though the Finnish MSM has refrained from doing so.
Dagens Nyheter: Three out of five Finns believe that immigration policy is too lax, according to a new survey. Those who move to Finland to work are also welcome: only 13 percent want to complicate the work-related immigration. It’s the Helsingin Sanomat newspaper that writes about the survey made for the xenophobic web forum Hommaforum.
The poll is a watershed event in Finnish immigration related politics, for it strips away the myth that concerns over current immigration policies are held by only a marginalized few, when in fact, while a majority is in favor of tightening current policies, “yet more than half approve of an asylum seeker reception center near his/her home.
What this tells the TT is that the overwhelming majority of people in Finland who are critical of immigration policies, do not see this as an issue of race, but as a matter of practicality and benefit for Finland. They are not in favor of a policy that would use Finnish state and its highly developed infrastructure as a tool to help save the world’s needy. Contrary to the Dagens Nyheter’s highly charged rhetoric, the Hommaforum community is providing the Finnish people with a well needed forum to address serious and justifiable concerns. KGS

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