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This tells the Tundra Tabloids that for some US Jews, party affiliation trumps common sense, and no doubt the liberal Christian community has even more troubling numbers as well. KGS


McLaughlin & Associates conducted a national survey of 600 likely Jewish voters on April 7th and 8th, 2010. All interviews were conducted via telephone by professional interviewers. Respondents were randomly selected within predetermined geographic units structured to correlate with actual voter turnout. The survey of 600 likely Jewish voters has an accuracy of +/- 4.0% at a 95% confidence interval
Would you vote to re-elect Barack Obama as President or would you consider voting for someone else?
Re-Elect 42
Someone Else 46
Don’t Know/Refused 12
Do you approve or disapprove of the job Barack Obama is doing handling America’s relations with Israel?
Approve 50
Disapprove 39
Don’t Know/Refused 11
Do you approve or disapprove of the Obama Administration supporting a plan to recognize a Palestinian state within 2-years regardless of whether or not Israel agrees?
Approve 28
Disapprove 52
Don’t Know/Refused 19
Should Jerusalem remain the undivided capital of Israel or should the United States force Israel to give parts of Jerusalem, including Christian and Jewish holy sites, to the Palestinians?
Undivided Capital 64
Parts to Palestinians 13
Don’t Know/Refused 23
Do you think that if the Palestinians were given their own state in the West Bank, part of Jerusalem, and Gaza they would live peacefully with Israel or continue their campaign of terror to destroy Israel?
Live Peacefully 19
Continue Terror 62
Don’t Know/Refused 19

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