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Whether it’s a funeral or a food line, Islamonazis could care less for human life, if you’re not following the sharia and refuse Islamosupremacism and gender apartheid, then your life is lower than that of an animal. KGS

Suicide bombers attack refugee camp in NW Pakistan

PESHAWAR, Pakistan (AP) – Two suicide bombers attacked refugees Saturday as they lined up for food at a camp for people fleeing military offensives in northwestern Pakistan, killing 20 people and wounding about 50 others, police said.
The bombers struck six minutes apart at a camp in the Kacha Pukka area of Kohat, a tribally administered region close to the Afghan border, local police Chief Rashid Khan said.
Pakistan has been hit by near-daily explosions over the last 18 months blamed on al-Qaida and Taliban militants. Most have been directed at security or government installations, but civilians have also been targeted.
The camp hit Saturday was for people who had fled the Orakzai district, where the army has been fighting militants since the end of last year. The tempo of the operations has picked since March, with frequent aerial bombardment.
Khan said at least 20 people were killed and 50 others wounded in the twin bombings.
There was no claim of responsibility, but that is not unusual in instances where ordinary Pakistani citizens are victims of bomb attacks.

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