Gaddafi Obama Supporters


“Oh Baraka we have so much in common”

Both come from third world Muslim backgrounds, both can quote from the Koran, both exhibit a meglomanic persona and arrogance, both hate Israel and want to weaken her, both believe that they are the embodiment of government, loathe being challenged and have had their mental state questioned. Yeah, the TT’s certain that Obama is touched by Gadaffi’s admiration. KGS

NOTE: As much as “Baraka” tried to pawn his name off as sounding Jewish to his faithfull Dem voters, the madman from Libya tears the mask away from that lie, Obama has two Muslim names.


(ANSAmed) – ROME, APRIL 16 – There is a honeymoon feeling about relations between Muammar Gaddafi and Barack Obama. The former arch-enemy of the USA, who is today a ‘convert’ following several years of ‘unwinding the tension’ with the West, has spoken in praise of the political “wisdom” of the US president for his pursuing peace for a world without nuclear arms. On the day following the ambitious mega-summit in Washington on nuclear disarmament, Gaddafi has called on “the whole world” to “give Obama time” and to “support his plans for peace”. “We shall place our trust in our son Baraka (which means ‘good fortune’ in Arabic) and, if he continues following these wise and peaceful policies, we shall help and support him”,

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  1. It’s not so long ago that Tony Blair was hugging Gaddaffi like a long lost brother as well. It’s what politicians do. It’s all a play to the gallery and Obama is no different than any other politician in this.

    Do you remember the pictures of Donald Rumsfeld buddying up to his good old friend Saddam Hussein:

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