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Sweden Democrats attacked at a secondary school in Lund

Posted on April 14, 2010 by Kent Ekeroth
Sydsvenskan writes that the SD had to leave Spyken. The reporter according to Catherine at the SDS, they had not time to update the article with what happened yet. Please also read two other articles on this, which calls the whole episode and also has an accurate title as opposed to Sydsvenskan; SVT SDU had to leave school and HD: Sweden Democrats had to flee schools

SD explained in detail in our press release, Sweden Democrats attacked the secondary school in Lund :

When representatives of the Sweden Democrats and the Sweden Democratic Youth  visited today the secondary school in Lund Spyken to set up a book table, they were assaulted by a group of anarchists. Leftist extremists, who according to the school management, had no links to the school, surrounded the Sweden Democrats and appeared to be very threatening. In the end, the extremists stormed book stand and stole the party’s publications. In connection with this attack there was also physical involvement with the Sweden Democrats, including parliamentary candidate, Kent Ekeroth, receiving a kick to the body.
Rather than call the police and evict the violent left extremists, elected school board officials in trying to restore calm withdrew the book stand and forced the Sweden Democrats out from the school.
Sweden Democrats who left the school were persecuted by the extremists and forced them to be taken away from the area in a taxi to avoid further attacks.
Today’s events in Lund, which will be reported, is the third serious incident in a short term, hitting the Sweden Democrats in connection with school visits. About a month ago there was a stone throwing and knife assault in connection with a school visit by representatives of the Sweden Democrats’ youth organization in the neighboring municipality of Malmö.
Parliamentary candidate Kent Ekeroth comments:
– Today’s event shows once again how serious the situation is for democracy in our country. If assembly and the freedom of expression must be saved, policymakers at all levels must take an immediate crackdown on left-wing extremism. – I am also very critical of the school management’s conduct in this case, which I consider contrary to the guidelines issued by the Parliamentary Ombudsman about political parties in attendance at school. By the state’s withdrawing of our book table, it has sent a signal to our students and left-wing shock troops that this type of assault is an acceptable and effective way to stop dissidents from bringing their message. Such behavior is not worthy of a democracy, “says Kent Ekeroth.

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