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Iran: Four hanged, thief’s hand and leg amputated

Rome, 14 April (AKI) – Three convicted sex offenders were hanged in public in the northern Iranian city of Babolsar on Wednesday, the state run Iranian news agency Fars reported. A convicted robber had his hand and leg amputated and his accomplice was hanged in the southwest city of Mahsharhr on Tuesday, according to unnamed sources quoted by the Iran Human Rights website.
Seventeen people have been hanged in Iran over the past week. Six of these executions have been carried out in public.
The charges for which the men were tried and convicted have not been confirmed by independent legal sources, according to Iran Human Rights.
Three of the public hangings took place in southwest Khuzestan province, where three other people were hanged in public in the city of Ahvaz (capital of the province) in March
” Public hanging is a barbaric act and a crime against the victim as well as the public,” said Iran Human Rights spokesman Mahmood Amiry-Moghaddam.
“By these acts, the Iranian authorities want to spread fear among the people.
“We are expecting an increasing number of executions as we get closer to the anniversary of the June uprising,” he said.
He was referring to the bloody unrest in Iran last year after the disputed re-election of hardline president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, which the opposition claims was rigged.

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