jiyza Saudi Arabia


You can rest assured that the Arab doing the pouring of the money, didn’t invent anything to benefit mankind, he’s just the beneficiary of the Arab oil industry. Just look at all that jizya being showered upon these females. This gives a new meaning to the saying…having money to burn. KGS

NOTE: You can also be assured that these sheiks showered more money on these women than they spent on Haitians.

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  1. What a strange video.

    Any idea where this is?

    Also strange that neither of them seems to look happy. The Arab appears vacant, which is unsurprising, the chick seems pleased with the money, but also cautious, if not fearful….

  2. YEAH IT IS STRANGE, I haven't a clue where it's from or who's actually in it…but the guy does have mony to burn for sure.

    I guess you're right aout the fear in the eyes, like a mouse being toyed with by a cat.

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