Ejup Ganic: Remember, when you think you’re
going to prosecute a Muslim, think OIC

Ex-Bosnian Muslim leader’s extradition delayed

London, 13 April (AKI) – A London court has postponed a ruling on the extradition of former Bosnian Muslim wartime vice-president Ejup Ganic, who has been accused by Serbia of war crimes, until 20 April, his lawyer said on Tuesday.
The Serb arrest warrant accuses Ganic of killing wounded Bosnian Serb soldiers in 1992 during the Balkan wars and personally ordered attacks on a military hospital and a column of medical vehicles.
He is accused of ordering an attack on a Yugoslav Army column as it withdrew from Sarajevo in May 1992.
Forty-two soldiers were killed, 71 others were wounded and about 200 others were taken prisoner during the attack.
Ganic, aged 64, was the vice-president of Bosnia during its 1992-1995 war and was twice president of the Bosnian-Croat Federation in the years following the Dayton peace agreement in 1995.
He was arrested on a business trip to London on last month but was later released on 300,000 pounds bail posted by a wealthy Bosnian woman living in London

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