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Many thanks to KITMAN for the following and for adding the Tundra Tabloids at the end of the credits. A low head bow in his direction. Mili Gorus is somewhat the equivalent of a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, it’s expansionist, wanting to engulf Europe into the house of Islam. It’s this organization that the current Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan swears he’s not a member of, but we all know he’s lying. KGS

NOTE: Even if just a portion of this is true, it should give one pause for concern.

Mili Görüs: Distributing snuff-films – determined to bring down democracy

Translations: Green Politics – Open Letter From a Muslim

The below text is a translation I made of a somewhat mysterious open letter which has been circulating in different versions for at least eleven years. It was recently reposted on Rheinische Post under the alias “Soist” and rediscovered today by PI-News, the largest Islam-critical blog in Germany. It was written by someone claiming to be a Muslim insider and it contains some interesting details about subversive efforts of radical Muslims in Germany.
Translation Frank Kitman
Proofed by Jdamn!
Green Politics
Open letter from a Muslim
I am Muslim and I know what I am talking about!
I was the chairman of two Islamic societies, both now dissolved. Due to my knowledge of Muslim politics and languages I was able to gain access to the parts of Islamic society which are sealed off to Europeans.
I have been a keen observer of the Islamic movement in Germany since 1968, back when no Muslim thought about building mosques or having dual citizenship.
CM rightly states that we are now facing an unprecedented number of mosques and construction plans for future mosques. This, evidently, is not a coincidence.
The stealth occupation of German and European cities by the Muslim Brotherhood and the World Islamic Congress is taking shape steadily and in spite of all rivalries. This is the main objective of every Muslim organisation in Germany. Make no mistake about this.
The already-existing mosques and centers of Islamic societies in Germany reach well beyond the purpose of religious practice and education. They are secretly dedicated to the training of a large number of Turk military reservists within the already-established secret army of Islam.
Young Turks from fundamentalist families who have fulfilled their military service are brought into Germany by the IGMG (The Islamic Society of Mili Görüs).
Members of IGMG with German-born daughters possessing permanent residence permits are encouraged to “marry off” their daughters to males selected by the IGMG. Through this “marriage” the male Turk is granted a permanent residence permit as well. This is how a secret army is built.
Germany was chosen as the center for these initiatives because it has the greatest percentage of Turkish residents, but also because everything that even smells like immigrant hostility is banned and ostracised, and every warning, however justified, is repudiated as hatred towards foreigners, providing ideal cover for the activities of Muslim fundamentalists.
I am well-aware of the mindset of all Islamic groups within Germany. We were a small group of German Muslims who fell prey to the erroneous belief that we could somehow eliminate a considerable number of the Christian-haters from the circle of fanatic believers, but this is not possible. Even the most ordinary Muslim feels superior to all Christian Europeans. Do not expect this to change into any loving sentiments. You would be fooling yourself. It is simply not going to happen.
Lately there has been a lot of talk about the issue of dual citizenship for Turkish immigrants. The Islamic fundamentalists have demanded this dual citizenship for years, although not publicly. This was done by the Germans themselves in ignorance of the dangers related to the issue.
With the gratification of this demand the Islamists have successfully completed an important step towards the realisation of their plans for a European takeover, because if a large number of the above-mentioned Turks were ever to exceed the limits of German tolerance, they would always have the option of invoking their Turkish citizenship to avoid unpleasant consequences.
What is impossible even in Turkey is happening in Germany, aided by government institutions: the construction of a secret army of Islamic fundamentalists by the Muslim Brotherhood. And behind them stands the IKHWAN al MUSLIMIN with a headquarters in Pakistan and the RABITA al ISLAMI operating from Mecca. Both of these organisations are funded by rich oil-states.
The recent hysteria concerning “hatred of foreigners” caused by the awful killing of defenceless women and children of Turkish origin plays right into the hands of Islamists and enables them to pursue and expand their covert activities uninterrupted. Every objection towards their undertakings is effectively silenced by accusations of immigrant hostility and incitement of hatred.
Add to this the fact that many Christians are actively promoting the rise of Islam in the false belief that this might spare them as targets of persecution if the aspirations of fundamentalist Islam someday proved victorious.

Read the rest here.

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