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In a world where real journalism existed, this story would be top news, but since the international media, particularly the media in the West refuse to do their jobs, this news story is relegated to being disseminated around the blogosphere. Salam Fayyad, for those of you who don’t know anything of the man, was touted ages ago as being the shining star of ‘Palestinian’ politicians, being a banker and against corruption, but the reality is otherwise, he’s just another untrustworthy, corrupt Arab leader who promotes violence. Thanks to Palestine Media watch for this report. KGS

The duplicity of Fayyad and Abbas: Preaching non-violence while supporting terror

by Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik

Contrary to statements by both Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salam Fayyad and Chairman Mahmoud Abbas supporting a “non-violent resistance,” their actions continue to support violence and terror. As Palestinian Media Watch has reported, the PA leaders have repeatedly honored terrorists in well-publicized acts of support in recent months.
The PA leadership’s most recent show of terror support was last week, when both Abbas and Fayyad honored one of the notorious terrorists of the first years of the Palestinian terror war (the “Intifada”). The terrorist Abdallah Daud headed the Palestinian intelligence service in Bethlehem, and was actively involved in the Palestinian terror against Israeli civilians. When Israel entered Bethlehem in 2002 in an attempt to eradicate the Palestinian terror, Abdallah Daud was one of the most wanted Palestinian terrorists who stormed into the Church of the Nativity.
For several weeks, Daud and his fellow terrorists continued fighting against Israel from inside the church, essentially using the monks and the religious site as their shields. The confrontation ended when Israel decided to let the terrorists leave without trial and they were deported to foreign countries and Gaza. Daud was sent to Cypress and later Mauritania, where he died last week of natural causes.
Ignoring the crimes and terror that led to Daud’s deportation, the PA leaders last week chose to honor the terrorist Daud by giving him an “official” funeral. The official PA daily reported on the funeral with a large picture on its front page.
Abbas sent his personal emissary to the funeral. He spoke in Abbas’s name:
“We must maintain the way of the Shahid (Martyr) Daud, who always believed in the struggle, in love of the homeland, and in the realization of national unity.” [Al-Quds, March 28, 2010]
Palestinian PM Fayyad chose to honor the terrorist publicly and in person by paying a condolence visit to the home of his family. Fayyad “enumerated the Shahid’s (Martyr’s) virtues” and noted his “suffering from the injustice of his expulsion.” The story of his honoring the terrorist was also reported on the front page of the official PA daily.

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