Let freedom ring, but don’t count on Barack Obama coming to your aid. The TT had met Iranians in Finland, Sweden and in Brussels and all of them were stand up individuals, well articulated and pro-Israel and pro-US. The Tundra Tabloids salutes these Iranians who really are for true freedom and decent democracy.  KGS

Netherlands: Iranian dissidents occupy Hague embassy

The Hague, 7 April (AKI) – A dozen Iranian dissidents climbed onto the roof of the Iranian Embassy in the Netherlands on Tuesday and pulled down the country’s flag. According to the Persian language radio station, Radiozamaneh, in Amsterdam, a dozen young dissidents secretly entered the embassy compound in The Hague, shouting slogans “death to the dictator” and “long live freedom”.
After pulling down the Iranian flag, the dissidents reportedly substituted an alternative flag with the image of Neda Aqa Soltan, the young woman who was killed during anti-government protests in Tehran last year.
“Iran belongs to all Iranians and it is not right for the future of the country to be decided by dictators and religious leaders,” one of the protesters who escaped arrest told Radiozamaneh.
“We young Iranians are calling for all political prisoners to be released from prison, an end to all torture and the abolition of the death penalty.”
Iranian dissidents have been very active in Holland and have conducted many anti-government protests in front of the Iranian Embassy since the disputed re-election of president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad last June.
Hundreds of people including journalists, academics and dissidents have been arrested during street protests since the election (photo).

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