Somali Leader: An unemployed person should not be allowed family reunification in Finland

A refugee from Somalia who came to Finland, Nur Mohamed, age 42, criticizes family reunification’s for his fellow countrymen. Nur Mohamed, who is the chairman Somali Community in Finland -society, says the unemployed should not be entitled to family reunification.
– If a Somali works as a bus driver or in construction, he’s entitled to bring his own family here. If a person is unemployed and receives income support, then the whole process becomes difficult. There will be a big bill to pay, says the man from Espoo who moved to Finland in 1992.
According to laws concerning aliens, a means of support guarantees reunification. It does not apply in a case concerning an alien who satisfies the criteria for refugee status. Somalis often meet this criterion.
Of the applications coming outside the nuclear family to the Immigration Service in 2009, 1256 instances were from Somalia. Much of this applied to foster children. Last year, 74 Russians applied to Finland from outside the nuclear family. Most of them were grandmothers.
The Immigration Agency’s immigration department director, Heikki Taskinen, believes that the relaxing of the regulations regarding aliens can cause the grandmothers to cast their gaze towards Finland.
– Russians sought applications infrequently, because the permit costs and opportunities for obtaining permission are small. If the policy is changed, it may be that the number of applications increases. Of course it sends a signal if the policy is strict.

H/T: Kumitonttu

UPDATE: Vasarahammer observes: “If someone belonging to the indigenous majority would have said the same thing as Nur Mohammed, he would have been called a racist and a xenophobe within seconds. Nur Mohammed gets away with it because of his ethnicity. However, it is likely that the media together with the politicians will do their best to maintain their silence about Mohammed’s statement. After two weeks, who will remember Nur Mohammed and what he said? Nobody will. ”

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