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Richard Järnefelt: Hmmmm, this situation affords
another golden opportunity to stick it to the Jews


What’s with this Leftist clown? In 2009 Richard Järnefelt slandered Jews in a comment on his blog, which also called for the invasion of Israel, which he considers a mistake (Genocide anyone?). He then supposedly apologizes for his remarks while complaining to the TT, threatening to file a complaint with the police.

Järnefelt then  writes another comment on his blog which once again, compares the Israeli government to the Nazis, while claiming it was someone else (a friend?) using his computer. This makes him not only a liar, but a very bad liar as well. All of what he has done to date, fulfills the EU’s own working definition of anti-Semitism, so perhaps that’s the reason why the Helsinki police were not interested in taking his complaint seriously.

Now he comes out again swinging his bat at the Jews over the recent flap between the Roman Catholic Church and world wide Jewish organizations concerning the statements from the Pope’s own personal preacher, Father Raniero Cantalamessa. The preacher recently apologized for saying that criticism of the Catholic Church over child sex abuse was as bad as anti-Semitism.

Such a statement deserves the wide condemnation it received, but not in the opinion of the serial anti-semite, Richard Järnefelt, who delivers yet another broadside against Jews world wide. This creep also has the nerve to insist he’s not a Judeophobe since he helped Jews in the Soviet Union over a couple of decades ago.

Richard Järnefelt in today’s Helsingin Sanomat:

Raniero Cantalamessa’s comparison to the Holocaust was not in any way offensive. He just raised his own experience of persecution on the same footing.

Always in the opinion of every demanding and complaining Jew, this shouldn’t be done, on the contrary, their suffering is the world’s largest in the history of suffering because it’s their “registered trade mark.”

Similarly, neither in the world’s future, no one, of course, can ever suffer as much as the Jews have suffered …

It is a great pity that Cantalamessa apologized, because there was nothing to apologize about. Westerners falling on their face before Judaism, the Jews and the Jewish state is pathetic and disgraceful.

Richard Järnefelt is clearly an anti-Semite. He believes that Jews use the Holocaust to drum up sympathy for themselves, while denying the suffering of others. You know, the big evil sinister Jew, manipulating world sympathy for his/herself at the expense of everyone else. Never mind the fact that the Catholic priest actually apologized, as any rational minded person would agree was the right thing to do.

The Catholic Church itself bears the brunt of its own problems, not the victims, nor those who are outraged over the church’s role in covering up the cases of pedophilia by keeping the perpetrators on the books, and not turning them over to the authorities. For Richard Järnefelt, this fails to register altogether because he has the Jew in his cross hairs, causing his brain to lose sight of the sound logic just mentioned. What a moron.

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NOTE: He also sucks as a piano player:

This Jewish girl leaves Järnefelt in the dust.

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  1. KGS, you really are out of your mind. You find a true critisism as being an anti-semite behaviour. What ever negative anybody says about Israel or Jews, he or she is immediatly an Anti-Semitic.

    There are not very many people who believe in your stories any more.

    I must remain you that the story of my kind work for Jewish people at the end of 1980-tale is true and you are hurting many people who know me when blaming me for no reason. I also have many Jewish friends and I think if I really were an Anti-Semite, they wouldn´t be my friends and I as well not theirs.

    1. Richard, you’re a moron. What else could explain your actions and denial all the while filling the EU’s own working definition of what constitutes anti-Semitism? It’s been explained to you more than once, comparing Israeli policies to that of the Nazis is an anti-Semitic act, your having been explained that fact, and refusal to accept it, is totally of your own choosing. You totally own your predicament. And if no one “is believing my stories any more”, you sure have a creepy way of showing it.

  2. It is quite easy to see that Mr. (?) KGS, who even doesn´t dare to show his / hers real name here is self a moron. He / she really thinks Jews are the center of the world and nobody may never say ANY critical word of these miracles. Of course it is very sad what happened to Jews during the Second World War but the same happened also to handicapped, homos, Jehovas Witnesses, communists, some Christians and so on. What really makes it worse just for Jews? I think Mr. Järnefelt deserve a big apologize from this blind moron called KGS.

    1. Hey Ari, if there are any morons here, is simpletons like yourself that can’t understand plain language. No one is denying other people’s suffering but types like you want to downplay the fears that Jews have of anti-Semitism because when it’s all said and done, you’re not sorry for the holocaust, you think that Jews have brought it all on themselves. Why don’t you really speak your mind.

  3. HI
    i know richard järnefelt quit well. he is like my father. he is a really kind person and he is so calm.
    now these bull shits which kgs wrote about richard is not a fact .
    richard is not an anti-Semite but he does like Israel state because he thinks that Israel state is destroying the possibility for the peace in the middle east.
    and about this abusing matter hey you who ever wrote this bull shit ” he did not abuse any child yes he went to court because of this shit but he won there. did not you know that? that stupid girl thought that richard wanna have sex with her but after that she realized that she was wrong and the court paid to richard all of the costs.
    now MR or MRS kgs shame on you. you are a such a liar, not richard .
    and one thing more. he really meant this sentence Israeli government is like Nazis government, and he wrote this, not his friend.
    ok now you better apologize from him.

    1. Hey listen moron, if you lack the ability to comprehend what I already wrote about this creep, then it’s useless discussing it with you. I have pointed out all there is to know about what Järnefelt did. He violates the EU’s own definition of what constitutes acts of anti-Semitism. Period. good bye.

  4. you are not even dare to say your name. ARI is right. are you afraid of something

    1. I don’t need whack-jobs like you knocking on my door. Piss off.

      1. kgs you are a really rude person. i think discussing with you is really stupid and your website is shit shame on you. you are swearing to me in your own website omg

  5. you are such a loser. ok kgs every body are moron except you. i am a moron richard is a moron ari is a moron but you are the only one who is normal and right here .

    1. You and Ari are just plain morons for sticking up for your bud, Järnefelt is in a class of anti-Semite moron, because he can’t figure out that by repeating, disseminating anti-Semitic remarks about Israel, it makes him into an anti-Semite.

  6. hey can you understand what does anti Semite means? you call a person anti Semite who does not like Jewish people but Richard has no problem with Jewish people. as he said ha has a lots of Jewish friends but he does not like Israel state.

    1. Listen pal, over there in Jyväskylä, I’ve already explained what he did, where he did it, and when he did, and that he keeps doing it. Comparing the Jewish state’s policies to that of the Nazis, is an act of anti-semititsm. The EU’s own working definition. That he keeps it up after he’s been told repeatedly that doing so is an act of anti-Semitism, makes him an anti-Semite. He also has said the founding of the Jewish state was a mistake which compounds, and underlines his previous anti-Semitic remarks. Enough said.

      1. he was right get lost now
        it is the end of discussing BYE

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