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The EDL stand heads and shoulders above all the riff raff in the opposition, who are a combination of violent thugs, for, and appeasers and apologizers of, the Islamic fundamentalists who want to change Britain into something that resembles a back water protectorate in the former Ottoman Empire, with the host population existing at the good will and pleasure of the Muslim community.

Here’s a video of the event forwarded to the Tundra Tabloids by Gaia:

According to Gaia who was present at the demonstration yesterday: “The speeches in Dudley were very good, here’s a speech from Sikh girl – Sareeta. It was at some point during her speech that something happened on the perifery and many were distracted enough to rush to the barriers surrounding the event. By the way – many thanks to the police. Their presence was unobtrusive, helpful and reassuring.”
Here’s a comment from the video that expresses the EDL’s fundamental views:
“I think Britain as a Christian nation generally does respect the “alien” as you put. Sikhs, Buddhists, Hindus, Jews, Catholics etc.. will find themselves welcome. None of these groups seem violent and opposed to the British way of life. If the Muslims acted like the rest of these minority groups there would be no opposition to them, but they don’t. Instead they are very aggressive and therefore unwelcome.”

The Baron from the Gates of Vienna also reports this from Gaia: The crowd in Dudley was the biggest so far, possibly 3,000 to 5000. Guramit Singh, one of the leaders of the EDL, gave a speech. A little Russian girl also gave a speech in Russian about the Moscow bombings. I’m not sure why the barriers were knocked over, and I didn’t see any UAF.
The GOV also includes speech given by Guramit Singh in Dudley:

The English dictionary says “a wish is a hope or desire for something”. We all know, we all wish everyday. 20,000 members of the Dudley public have made a wish. They have petitioned against a super mosque being built in their town.
This proposed mosque is the size of three football pitches with minarets built to such a height they generally impose on a large scale on Dudley. Not only will this eyesore pose a visual threat for the people of Dudley, it has the potential to threaten their lives as well, The mosque is being funded by Saudi Arabia which believes in Wahhabi Islam, the same interpretation Osama bin Laden bases his worldwide jihad on.
So in what way would this be a benefit to the Dudley community, when it has the common attributes for being a breeding ground for radical Muslims? It also has clustered around it a community which will be only for Muslims. Segregation, if proposed by myself or any other member of the British public, would be classed as a act of racism and ethnic cleansing. So how will this benefit this city? More here
Here are some picures and a link to Atlas Shrugs that has some dynamite pics, here are a few:
The Leftist media is seriously trying to spin the EDL demo into something that it isn’t. Since the advent of the internet, the media can no longer pull the wool over the peoples’ eye, videos speak for themselves, the people of all religions and ethnic backgrounds are rising up and saying no to Islam and their political apologists, from either Labour or the Tories. KGS

NOTE2: In regards to the fence being knocked over, there is only a reference to it with no details, but the Chief of Police had this to say:

“Chief Insp Mark Payne, of West Midlands Police, said at 2.30pm: “Many of the protesters and people attending the multi-faith event are now in place and at this stage are getting their messages across peacefully.”

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  1. A great speech by Sareeta.
    The EDL is going to grow and grow.
    No Surrender.

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