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John Kerry: Please Mr. Assad
give us some kind of carrot will you?
The Obama administration keeps piling on top a losing strategy, with one boneheaded plan after the other, repeating failed policies from yesteryear that in the end, only serves the interests of Arab regimes who need the conflict to sustain their legitimacy. Foolish is as foolish does. KGS
BEIRUT, MARCH 31 – The president of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Senator John Kerry, arrived in Beirut today for a series of talks on the Middle East peace process. After a meeting with Prime Minister Saad Hariri and President Michel Suleiman, Kerry told journalists that he hopes “that in the weeks ahead we can find a path to progress on the single most important regional stability issue which is the peace process between Israel and the Palestinians.” He also said that the peace talks will be “the main argument” of his meeting with Syrian President Bashar al Assad, and that relations between USA and Syrian can improve, which will help to stabilise the region, Kerry added.
Obambi: Stop building homes in J’lem that’s offending the Arabs,
I’ll promise to keep up with that impressive dialogue

TEL AVIV, MARCH 31 – The requests made by US President Barack Obama to the Israeli government of Benyamin Netanyahu to get the Middle East peace process going again include a precise indication on Jerusalem: all new construction activities must be stopped for at least four months in the eastern part of the city, the part of which the annexation by Israel is not recognised by the international community. This was announced by newspaper Haaretz, which specifies that the question was made explicit by Obama during his ‘cold’ meeting last week with Netanyahu. It is the first of a long list of gestures asked of Israel, which should make it possible to start proximity talks with the Palestinian National Authority (PNA), despite the resistance of Israel and the PNA itself.
The newspaper underlines that the six Ministers that are closest to the Israeli Premier prefer not to extend the announced moratorium on settlements in East Jerusalem. After two days of consultations with a limited group of Ministers, the Premier wants to take time. He plans to give a formal response to Obamàs rising pressure next week, after Passover (Pesach). The Palestinians meanwhile are sceptical. The spur of the US administration is good, said Nabil Abu Rudeinah, spokesman of President Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) today, but the PNA will only return to the negotiation table in the case of “a concrete and total freeze on settlements, in Jerusalem as well as in the entire West Bank”, as asked in the past days “by the Arab League as well”.

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