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The Tundra Tabloids reported earlier about the Pakistani woman brutally murdered last November (09′) by another Pakistani in Finland. It was the first time that the Finnish media dare raise the possibility of a honor murder happening in Finland. Detective Chief Inspector, Kari Hyyryläinen, said at the time that he wouldn’t comment on the possibility of it being the question of an honor murder, “but said all options will be investigated.”
Well now it’s become clear that Finnish law enforcement and the judicial system refuses to recognize the distinct character of honor related murders, because they have never considered the possibility before, so they refuse to characterize it as such now. So a woman brutally murdered (we still don’t know her name) because she offended a man’s “honor” just becomes a murder statistic and Finnish law enforcement, the courts and the politicians are free to state that honor murders in Finland are non-existent. KGS
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NOTE: A confidential source who has had professional dealings with the Finnish police informs the TT that:

“when asked how I rate Finnish law enforcement in Finland ..I said “honestly, their mentality is below the cops of bulgaria and romania”

Murder charge in woman killed in Lappeenranta

A middle aged Pakistani man was charged with the murder of a woman of Pakistani descent. The case will come to court on April 7th in the South Karalia District Court in Lappeenranta.
According to the prosecutor, speculation on whether it was an honor killing should end, because Finnish law doesn’t recognize the concept of honor killings nor the value judgments of honor killing, so it shouldn’t be confused with the matter.
The woman of Pakistani descent was killed last November with a knife at home in the Lappeenranta-based high-rise apartment she lived in for two years. Police took the same evening four people into custody suspected of the crime, one at the Helsinki-Vantaa airport.
Two suspects – a man and a woman – were released after interrogation. Another Pakistani man imprisoned, was released a week later.
After further investigation the prosecutor has brought the charge of murder against the imprisoned 35-year-old Pakistani man. The man is accused of murder. The conviction for the murder is life imprisonment.

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