Moscow subway bombing


Moscow mourns the dead, but are the Russians willing to fight the ideology that’s driving the homicide bombers to commit these smaller acts of genocide? That’s the question. KGS

 Moscow mourns, Russian bombing toll rises to 39

Flags across Moscow flew at half-mast and somber Muscovites laid flowers and lit candles at the stations hit by the blasts blamed on North Caucasus rebels.
The police presence was stepped up at Moscow metro stations, and security was tightened on the networks in cities from St. Petersburg to Novosibirsk in Siberia, local media reported.
Entertainment programs on radio and television were dropped as Moscow observed the official day of mourning for the victims of the deadliest attack to strike the city in six years that was carried out by two female bombers.
Morning commuters warily entered the busy metro system a day after the rush-hour blasts on packed trains at two central stations — Lubyanka and Park Kultury.
“When I was riding the metro in today, somebody’s electronic watch started beeping and I thought, “That’s it,” said Katya Vankova, a business student. “It was very scary.”
Makeshift memorials were set up at both stations.
At Park Kultury, people left red carnations and tied white ribbons to a stand on the platform close to where the bomb went off. Some commuters crossed themselves as they passed by.

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  1. Putin will say it's RADICAL Islam, which doesn't exist. There is only Islam. Their leaders are stuck on stupid just like ours.

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