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Mohammedans: Ahhh, thanks Europe!

Eh, right, that’s exactly what the average European wants to be spending their hard earned tax Euros on, bath sauna houses for Muslims. Finland has its own sauna culture, with nearly every private home and apartment building having one, so if a small nation of Finns can take care of its own saunas, why do the Muslims need European funding for theirs? Oh I know, because its easy to get the doughy headed Eurodhimmis to fork over the cash. KGS


BRUSSELS – Damascus in Syria and Fez in Morocco are the key cities for Hammamed, the 1,19 million euros three year project under the Eu funded Euromed Heritage IV programme. The project wants bring back to life an important element of the traditional islamic city, the hammam. This place, which is falling into disuse, according to the Enpi website ( ) – is historically playing an integral role in public life, serving multiple purposes – hygienic, social, and religious.
”The project – Andreas Oberenzer, Hamamed deputy project coordinator, said – conducts specific actions for two selected hammams, Hammam Ammuna in Damascus and Hammam Saffarin in Fez”. Among the activities, the project is producing an architectural guide on issues for rehabilitation, and a business and management plan for hammam managers, with web-based business plan tools to ensure feasibility. ”
By pooling the knowledge we have accumulated – said Oberenzer – we are able to share the tools to turn hammams into successful business ventures. In this way, the good practice generated through actions on specific hammams can be extended across the region”. What are the challenges you face? ”
One of the main challenges – said the expert – is simply social and economic evolution. For many people, the hammam was perceived just as a bath, and now with running water in every home, it has lost its hygienic raison d’etre. At the same time, there was the religious factor: many imams raised their voices against women using the hamman. We have worked a lot with women to rediscover rituals to break the taboo”.

Here’s a pic from a real Finnish sauna, Finnish funded.

All you male visitors from the Middle East, try not to get all hot and bothered. KGS

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