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Norwegian diplomats and politicians really think that Israel is a major evil in the world, they absolutely loathe the Jewish state. Nothing Israel does will ever suffice for them, with every fault, real or imagined, being placed under the magnifying glass and blown out of all proportion. Thanks to Esther from the Islam in Europe blog for the heads up on this story, who states that:

“The comments are even worse: one asks what’s the difference between Israel and Hamas (none), another says that the Jews are by definition racist (he has nothing against the Israelis, just against those people who think they’re the chosen nation).”

The Norwegian media is of course no different, for an example, take the Dagbladet, which includes a supposed “fact” sheet along with the article, giving the details of  the living standards of Israeli Arabs and mentions the following misleading or outright false statements:

“(Arabs )Have political rights, but will not serve in the military and enjoy no benefit from the same social benefits as other Israelis.”

Oh really?
Bedouin Arabs in the IDF

Druze and Arabs, and have proudly served in the IDF:

“I will do whatever is required from me to do the job with the full faith in the service of the Israeli state,” asserts Maj Fehd Fallah, a Bedouin from the village of Saad in the Israeli occupied Golan. 
He is happy to perform his duty, whoever he may have to fight against. “Yes, I have fought against Muslims in Gaza,” he says. That includes Israel’s three-week Operation Cast Lead which began in December last year.
“And I would fight again if I had to,” he added. “Israeli Muslims who don’t serve in the IDF should be ashamed for not serving their country.”  Israel’s Bedouin are a Muslim, Arabic-speaking group. Although these formerly nomadic people were once considered part of the Palestinian nation, most of them are now proud to call themselves Israelis.

“More than half live in poverty, three times as many people in Israel in general.”

“while in the Jewish sector the average percentage of residents who pay their property taxes per town approximates 80%, with property tax exemptions going mostly to the elderly and the poor,” in the Arab city of Umm el-Fahm, for example, 72.9% do not pay property taxes. Even owners of the many large, luxury homes proliferating in Arab towns may pay negligible property taxes.
A major determinant of income is age. Older people in every group make more money than younger ones. The Arab sector has more children per capita and, accordingly, the average age of Israeli Arabs is 10 years younger than Israeli Jews. In this respect Israeli Arabs resemble haredi Jews, who also have large families and therefore lower per-capita incomes. Plaut observes that while the individual choice to have large families may result in income disparities, this cannot be attributed to discrimination.
There are in fact disparities between Arab and Jewish communities in Israel, and those disparities also filter between Jewish communities of Arab origin as well, but it shouldn’t be used as a club to hammer away at Israel’s image by the Norwegians, which they gleefully do. KGS

Norwegian diplomats in secret note.

Israel engaged in systematic discrimination of people with Arabic origin, turns Norwegian diplomats stuck. The Israeli Arabs, who are descendants of Palestinians who accepted the Israeli citizenship in 1948, account for around 20 percent of the population.
Significant gaps
53 percent of them now live under the poverty line, compared with 16.5 percent of the Jewish population, “says Norwegian diplomats in a note NTB has access to.
– There are significant gaps between Jewish and Arab sectors in terms of income, unemployment, environment, poverty, infrastructure, governmental institutions and life expectancy, determined in the note, which is exempt from public disclosure.
There is a built-in systematic discrimination with respect to the distribution of state funds, said Norwegian diplomats.
Israeli authorities have denied the charges and argue that the resources of different population groups are distributed in an equitable manner. Any problems must be due to the Israeli Arab leaders and their own inability to distribute and utilize the resources they are assigned, said the Israeli Social Affairs.
This view is not shared by the Norwegian diplomats.
– The Israeli government is investing for example half times as much in welfare services in the Jewish section of the population than in the Arab, they said.
Land Discrimination
The Norwegian embassy in Tel Aviv is particularly concerned about the Israeli government’s “land of discrimination and expropriation of Arab-owned sites.
Although every fifth Israeli is of Arabic descent, the owner of this group only 3 percent of the land.
– The number of state construction projects that are implemented for Jewish citizens, is 13 times higher than that of Arab citizens, they point out.

by Alexander Safian

The land-owning situation in Israel today is as follows: 80.4 percent is owned by the government, 13.1 percent is privately owned by the JNF, and 6.5 percent is evenly divided between private Arab and Jewish owners. Thus, the ILA administers 93.5 percent of the land in Israel.14 Put differently, 93.5 percent of the land is unavailable for private ownership; such land is sold neither to Jews nor to Arabs but is leased out by the ILA. Thus, while it is true that Israeli law prevents the sale of state—owned land to Israeli Arabs, this alone is extremely misleading, for it is equally unavailable for sale to Jewish citizens of Israel.


Israel approves $214m investment plan for Israeli Arab towns

The Israeli goverment has approved a $214m investment plan for developing economic infrastructure, housing and transportation, and reducing violence in Israeli Arab towns.


Scandinavian NGO Funding: Promoting Boycotts, “Lawfare,” and the Rhetoric of Conflict

NGO Monitor
March 25, 2010

Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland contribute millions of dollars annually to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that include some of the most radical groups operating in Israel and the Palestinian Authority. The scope of funding from these countries is extensive compared to NGO support from other European governments.

NGO Monitor’s research details the levels of Scandinavian funding received by specific NGOs, as well as the anti-Israel advocacy and demonization campaigns in which these NGOs engage – often in direct contradiction to the humanitarian, peace, and human-rights agendas they claim to espouse.


Finland’s Foreign Ministry provides relatively smaller amounts for such NGOs, and NGO Monitor research indicates that this amount has been decreasing. However, Finland continues to support groups including HaMoked and the Public Committee Against Torture in Israel (PCATI), as well as the Jerusalem Center for Social and Economic Rights (JCSER) and the Palestinian Academic Society for the Study of International Affairs (PASSIA), whose “apartheid” rhetoric and anti-Israel agendas are inconsistent with the Finnish government’s stated goals for the Middle East.

A separate, significant channel for Scandinavian funding is the NGO Development Center (NDC), a Ramallah-based Palestinian organization that has distributed $6 million to 25 NGOs on behalf of the governments of Sweden and Denmark, as well as Switzerland and the Netherlands. In some cases, the same organizations also receive direct funding from these countries and from the European Commission.

As this report shows, many NDC recipients employ “apartheid” and “ethnic cleansing” rhetoric regarding Israel; promote “war crimes” cases and “lawfare” against Israeli government officials; and actively support the anti-Israel boycotts, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) campaign. NDC is responsible for facilitating the “Palestinian NGO Code of Conduct,” a document that demands Palestinian groups reject “any normalization activities with the occupier, neither at the political-security nor the cultural or developmental levels.”

As this monograph details, the flow of money from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland supports NGOs that pursue Palestinian political goals under the guise of “human rights” and “international law.” Demonizing Israel and fueling the conflict with the false rhetoric of “apartheid,” “ethnic cleansing,” and “massacres,” these NGOs fail to meet the Scandinavian governments’ stated goals for the region.

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  1. What is it about the Scandinavian group psychology that they are so bigoted and hateful toward people of Jewish heritage.

    Looking from the outside, to me there's nothing more disgusting and deplorable than antisemitism and I'm not a Jew.

    Talk about dashed illusions! But surely the proverbial Swedish or Norwegian man in the street is not cut from the same cloth as these politicians and diplomats?

    I cling to the hope that these people are in a minority and do not reflect the viewpoint of the population at large.

  2. They're fake humanitarians Raymond, and big supporters of socialist ideas that are the end product of an intellectual ideology not tested in reality or based on a historical precedent.

    They operate from a field of fog not knowing or caring whether their plans are sound, because at the end of the day, dogma matters more than sound rational judgment molded from rigorous debate.

    For them, the socialists, the debate has ended generations ago, so all that's needed now is further implementation of the utopian dream, and if a few eggs are cracked in the process, (you know, those pesky Jews) so be it.

    That's how Obama sees Israel and how the socialists in Europe view the Jews. The need more Muslims to fully water down European society, creating a nationalist-less class of people, and if it means a rise in anti-Semitism to reach that desired goal… oh well, so be it.

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