As much as some would like to smear this party, they have had a positive impact on the discourse in immigration politics, you can address the negative aspects of mass immigration, what kind of immigrants you’re looking for, without being labeled a racist. Well done PS, you’re not perfect, but you’re less imperfect then the rest of the drones in government. KGS

Immigration Platform Make-over for Political Parties

Finland’s political parties are hardening their positions on immigration ahead of parliamentary elections. The stiffer line on immigration policies resembles the nationalistic tenor of the True Finns, who say the updated platforms are all about vote chasing.
Risto Vistbacka, Chairman of the True Finns parliamentary group criticized the latest tactic of the other political parties, saying that the True Finns have always presented the best immigration policy.
“What was most amusing was when SDP chair Jutta Urpilainen used the phrase “when in Rome”, which is taken directly from the True Finns’ parliamentary election campaign of 2007,” said Vistbacka.
The parties’ changing stance seems to be an attempt to keep pace with the mood of the man in the street – many voters have expressed harsher positions on immigration in the face of rising domestic unemployment.
In the past, political parties addressed the immigration question solely from the perspective of resources to ease the domestic labour shortage.
National Coalition Party in the Centre
The National Coalition Party finalized its election platform at the end of 2009. Working group chairman, MP Arto Satonen, said the program contained more conservative stances on issues such as immigration on the basis of family ties. The National Coalition Party is also in favour of the age test, which may be used to turn away adults posing as unaccompanied minors entering the country.
“If our procedures are more open in other Nordic countries, that will direct the immigration flood to us, which would not be wise,” Satonen explained.
“The True Finns are in one corner, while the Swedish Peoples’ Party and the Green League are in the other. We are aiming for the golden mean. We need immigrants who come to work, but our asylum policy must be realistic,” he added.
Liberal Greens and Swedish Peoples’ Party
The Christian Democratic Party is reworking on its immigration platform. On the other hand, the Swedish Peoples’ Party and the Green League have remained constant to their fundamental positions on immigration.

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