Omar Almajdalawi: If I were to speak the truth,
both Hamas and FinnChurchAid would be angry
FinnChurchAid is at it again, in what can only be described as a “one eye open and closed approach” to relaying news about anything concerning the Arabs in the disputed territories. It actually lying through ommission, and the severity of it is compounded by the fact that this is the humanitarian wing of Lutheran Church.
Such a policy should strike these people as being a contradiction to their chosen creed, but they appear to accept it without a blinking of an eye. It’s highly dishonest of them as it is telling, they obviously don’t care that they are being used by the genocidal Hamas for propaganda purposes. They are either amazing dopes or willful stooges happy to regurgitate Hamas talking points.
Everyone knows that the people in Gaza haven’t the best of times, but the overwhelming majority of their troubles (if not all) are self inflicted. FinnChurchAid helps to promote the myth that it’s “the blockade” at fault here, while in fact it’s THE HAMAS and like ilk that are to blame. Without their (Hamas) sustained destructive efforts, Gaza would be an entirely transformed area, with life becoming normalized to the point of being mundane. FinnChurchAid wants Finns to believe differently, which makes them a part of the problem  as well as a bunch of liars. KGS

NOTE: Omar Almajdalawi works for the Danish DanChurchAid, and if one googles his name, you see much of the same propaganda being spread. It wouldn’t surprise if he was a member of Hamas.

Finnchurchaid guest Almajdalawi Omar says the humanitarian situation in war-torn Gaza is still really bad. Finnchurchaid supported the area project, and in particular focuses on children’s mental health and welfare improvement.
– The situation in Gaza seems to worsen all the time. Last year was worse than the former, says Omar Almajdalawi who works as a social support program coordinator for the Palestinians. 
Densely populated Palestinian area in Gaza is surrounded by walls and guarded by Israeli soldiers. The area has a shortage as water, electricity, food and medicine. Gaza’s reconstruction is difficult to get up and running, because the construction materials is virtually impossible to be brought to inside the walls .
– We don’t have any supplies, and we can’t outsource goods either. Goods passing through the underground tunnels, it is a way to cope with the situation. The tunnels keep Gaza alive and hanging to life, describes Almajdalawi about the area’s everyday life.

NOTE: The TT ends the article translation here, there’s no need to go on, I hate repeating the propaganda. The shortages of everything, if that is indeed the case, is due to the Hamas hamstering materials and fuel for its own organization, and the people are left to fend for themselves.

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