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  1. I heard what Seamus Wolf (I think that's his name) had to say about Ann Coulter.

    Interestingly he rarely (if ever) answered a question – responding with the questiion to a question technique.

    He does not seem to understand the basic bedrock necesssity for free and open speech in a democracy.

    Even when you disagree with your antagonist – it's much more healthy to get things out into the open.'

    The other thing is – what about virulent anti-semetic propaganda that comes out of the mouths of imams and ayatollahs everyday all over the world?

    The man has a closed mind and it's ironic that people like him have the luxury of a free and open platform to vilify Ann Coulter oblivious of the contradiction inherenet in their stance.

  2. Thanks Raymond. Wolf is one of those who believes that George Orwell's novel '1984' is actually a training manual. KGS

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