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Remember the L is for Loser

If you like films from dishonest producers that mascarade as documentaries, when they are in fact works of propaganda, then Michael Moore’s anti-capitalist screed is for you. KGS

Michael Marxist: A Love Story

Michael Moore’s publicist contacted me to set up an interview about his new movie, Capitalism: A Love Story, but then Moore canceled at the last minute. I wasn’t surprised. It’s unlikely that he would have been able to hold up to hard questions about this patently dishonest film.
In Capitalism: A Love Story, Moore describes America has having been founded on genocide and having gotten rich on the backs of slaves. This is egregiously false. Ayn Rand explained the truth: “Capitalism cannot work with slave labor. It was the agrarian, feudal South that maintained slavery. It was the industrial, capitalistic North that wiped it out—as capitalism wiped out slavery and serfdom in the whole civilized world of the nineteenth century.”

Read it all here.

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