Anti-Israel bigotry and bias Israeli/Palestinian Conflict


Mahmoud Abbas: We always have,
when we finally eradicate the Jewish state

Only the very hard core and very delusional anti-Israel Left and their Islamofascist buddies would ever contemplate such an outrageous and laughable idea, that Israel would somehow say to itself, gee lets throw our sovereignty away and become a mixed state. This is sheer nonsense, but the TT posts it anyways, if nothing more than a stark reminder of the mindset arrayed against the Jewish state, just because it’s a Jewish state.
The next time someone mentions a bi-national state as the solution for the ending of the Arabs’ conflict with Israel, ask them what happened to the multi-Yugoslavian state. Or how about that Lebanon situation, or how do the productive Flemish feel about supporting the fake Belgian state, while the lazy Walloons feed off the welfare teat while they import yet more and more Muslims to help keep the socialists in power?
Bi-national state indeed, the mere mention of it is as revolting as it is anti-Semitic. KGS

Palestinians increasingly back 1-state

Survey finds Palestinian support for bi-national state gaining ground.

Palestinian support for a two-state solution to the conflict with Israel is declining, a joint Palestinian-Israeli study has found.
The latest public opinion survey conducted by the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research and the Harry S. Truman Research Institute for the Advancement of Peace at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem found that while the majority of Palestinians and Israelis prefer a two-state solution to the conflict, Palestinian support for such a resolution has declined in recent months.
“The results show a decline in the Palestinians support for the two-state solution,” Waleed Ladadweh, a researcher with the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research told The Media Line. “From 64 percent in December 2009 to 57 percent in this poll.”
Dr Nabil Kukali, Director of the Palestinian Center for Public Opinion, agreed that Palestinian public opinion is trending towards a bi-national state.
“On the whole, Palestinians support the peace process, but there are some changes in attitudes towards the two-state solution,” he told The Media Line. “The Palestinians feel hopeless and they don’t think the Israelis will give the Palestinians one meter of their land.”
Palestinians and Israelis were asked whether they preferred resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict through two states for two peoples, a bi-national Palestinian-Israeli state in which Palestinians and Israelis would have equal rights or a Palestinian-Israeli confederation, in which two states share joint political institutions, an arrangement somewhat akin to Belgium.
71 percent of Israelis and 57 percent of Palestinians were found to support a two-state solution, 24 percent of Israelis and 29 percent of Palestinians were found to support a bi-national state, and 30 percent of Israelis and 26 percent of Palestinians supported a confederation.

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